Hush Now

Hush Now

During my devotional time, I found some passages I wanted to share. I’ll write more about this on my website I hope you’ll take a few moments and come on over to read on. These sweet and humbling devotions have touched me because they meet all of us right here and now. These Holy words give life, meaning, and direction to the lives we live each day. They are the fabric of what connects us and protects us.


In my prayer time, I was given some questions to sit with. I will leave you with them as well to meditate over.

  • What areas of your life do you tend to be prideful about?
  • What is one area (or thing in) of your life you could submit to God and walk more humbly?
  • What is God speaking to YOU about taming your tongue?
  • How are you representing God with your speech?

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