Don’t Be Foolish| Be quite Fool

We have one mouth and two ears for a reason, yet we sure like to yap. We are consumers with ourselves. Unnecessary noise comes out of our faces so often that we miss important details. We have become clowns putting on a showing… hoping to be liked and loved by this world and others that are just as fake. We listen only to the rambling of our own fabrications. We see only the fictional character that we present to the world. But behind closed doors, when we are alone… the veil is pulled away.
Do you feel empty? Lost? Does a strange feeling come over you when you sit alone at the end of your day? Do you ever feel guilty, shameful even? I know you try to keep busy to keep this feeling at bay.
Your authenticity is there… suffocating under all your falsehoods. You think you hide it well, but your insecurity screams like a banshee.

You live for the world-sk

This only reminds me- Even more lordly, I don’t live for the world, for I am not of this world.


A picture of a spiral notebook. It was orange witting.

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